Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of working on a diverse array of European Union projects whilst working with UniSystems SMSA, wearing two distinct but interconnected hats: Product Design Manager and UX Specialist. My role in these projects has been as dynamic as the institutions themselves, including Eu-Lisa, European Labour Authority, European Banking Authority, European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC), and DG-Clima. This journey has been a rich tapestry of creativity and strategic thinking, allowing me to make a meaningful impact on the European Union's initiatives.
    As a Product Design Manager, my responsibilities extended far beyond the boundaries of conventional project management. I spearheaded the design initiatives, development, and execution of innovative solutions that addressed the unique challenges of each EU institution.
    My role demanded a deep understanding of the specific goals and objectives of these organizations. I worked collaboratively with cross-functional teams to align product design with the EU's broader strategic vision. My key tasks included project scoping, resource allocation, timeline management, and risk assessment. I ensured that the product's design not only met but exceeded the requirements and expectations of our EU partners. 
    Simultaneously, as a UX Specialist, I was immersed in the world of user-centric design. I meticulously crafted design systems, prototypes, and user interfaces to enhance the user experience for various applications and platforms. I conducted user research and usability testing, gathering invaluable insights to inform design decisions.
    My goal was to create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that were not only visually compelling but also highly functional. Whether it was the efficient flow of information in the European Banking Authority's financial systems or the user-friendly interfaces for the European Centre for Disease Control's data platforms, my work was instrumental in ensuring user satisfaction.
    It's important to note that all aspects of the design work I have undertaken for these EU institutions are bound by strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and cannot be publicly disclosed. In both roles, I upheld the principles of innovation, compliance, and collaboration, aligning my work with the unique needs and missions of each EU institution.
    These experiences have not only deepened my expertise in product design management and user experience design but have also allowed me to contribute to the betterment of European Union initiatives in various domains. The past two years have been a journey of growth, learning, and meaningful contributions to the European Union's endeavors.

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